Sunday, July 1, 2012

Transition: Part of the process

Here's something I wrote almost a year ago. It's always neat for me to look back on my writing and see growth in myself. I think I am still in this time of transitioning, or maybe we always are in transition in some way. We are continually being built and prepared for the next thing, but it's this process that allows us to be who we are, in where we are and what we are doing now. Living in the moment, the present, with those around you takes courage. Take the time to stop and reflect and see how God is working all things out, no matter what you're going through. Be brave and have grace for yourself today. God promises provision. Let Him bring you through and lead you to it.

Let me clear my head just for a moment
I’m here in this time in between
It’s seems so contradicting
It requires little energy, but great faith
Faith to seek opportunities for what’s next,
Faith to trust that God will orchestrate things together

Possibilities seem to be limitless, wide open, actually, pretty freeing
But then after the seeking and making some initial movements,
I’m left here with waiting, reflecting, dreaming, and wondering

Wondering when the time will come
I know I am right where I need to be
but not where I’m meant to stay
I guess I could just make a bold move and go somewhere
but that doesn’t seem to be the answer
There’s a sense of being in control of my destiny, yet not at all
I choose to stay for awhile in the transition, instead of shooing it away

I figure, there must be something valuable here
something to learn, friendships to deepen, quality time needed with loved ones
I mean, “Good things come to those who wait,” right?
I know God has good things in store,
but I quickly seem to lose sight of that when I’m distracted by the timing
doubting, not believing the Truth
With all the questioning and wrestling with God,
there’s something about this uncomfortable tension that brings much growth
even closeness to Him

How many times in life are we waiting?
Waiting for something to bake or cook, waiting for water to boil, bread to rise
Waiting for test results, waiting in line, waiting in the waiting room, waiting for the right relationship, waiting for the baby
These are all moments where we come to a halt,
but in that waiting there is anticipation, hope, vision, and preparation
It really is necessary

Without the transitional times, how ever long it is
it’s important, it frees you to step back and take a new look on things, life
breathe, be still, rest
because soon enough, much more will be required of you
In order to be fully present then, be present now
Fully aware of the people around you, environment, noise, lack thereof

This is the time to be revived, refreshed, renewed, healed
So as you step into what ever is next, you can be at peace with yourself
Secure in who you are, knowing that you will be all right
You will work hard, love others, love yourself, honor God
When you can do that now, in this time,
Hopefully, it will carry through to the next thing.
Embrace transition, in order to gain perspective, care for yourself and others.