Sunday, August 12, 2012

Perfect timing...

Initially I struggled to find inspiration for this next blog post. I struggled, even though so much has happened that has required faith and courage since my last post. I guess I needed to just reflect and bring together the stories. It’s taken courage, my whole heart and mind, to release these words.

I recognize in the past few weeks where opportunities to practice courage have risen up. I’ve had to make choices to be vulnerable, take risks, ask questions, and trust that situations, problems, and difficulties will work themselves out. I have found these opportunities at home, work, days off, and in my personal relationships. My awareness has heightened.

In the past few weeks, I have asked for a raise, taken on a new position at work, moved out of my sister’s place, found a roommate, moved to a townhouse, pursued a new relationship, volunteered to help with youth at church, and decided to intentionally re-discover my creative abilities with writing and art.

Ahh, breathe.

So much has happened and changed in such a short amount of time, but in the right time. Much of what has occurred recently, I have long awaited for.  I feel relief and peace, but still a sense of anticipation and hope. I’m being challenged yet comforted, encouraged, provided for, and loved.

It took practicing courage and faith to persevere through the waiting. Now, that courage is manifest in my daily interactions with others and participating in my life…showing up and being all in.

It’s freeing. I want more. I know there’s more. My character is still being challenged and formed. I look forward to what’s ahead and know that hardships and trials are still inevitable. I believe these seeds of courage planted in me are springing forth. Faith and awareness of Jesus’ presence will guide each step, conversation, and task. I’m covered by his grace and truth every moment of my day. This brings freedom and joy even though I still see where I fail to listen or seek His face with real courage.