Saturday, November 2, 2013

My heart's still beating

With my birthday coming up on Monday, I decided to do some much needed writing and reflection.
This was my conclusion:

I want to be patient, kind, self-controlled, and non-judgmental.
I don't think we always really know what God is doing in our lives. He keeps mystery and faith alive. His ways are better, and I'm trying to follow. I need Him, but I don't always understand what the heck is even going on in my life. I guess as long as my heart is beating and I wake up each day, He's got more planned for me on this Earth. I want to be aware, engaged, and awakened to His love and grace. I want my life to reflect the life and comfort He brings to me. I want others to experience that too.

I'm okay with where I'm at, but I would always welcome more. More adventure, more love, more experience in God's presence, more of myself giving to others.

Bring the opportunities God. May the fear of my flesh just be a guide to show me where to go and what I really need to do; moment by moment.

More healing.
More freedom.
More faith.