Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Instead of summarizing the happenings of life over the past month, I decided to just focus on one experience. I was moved to share this experience, because though it’s quite simple, it’s profound to me. I was also inspired by another blogger friend that wrote on our longings being fulfilled, which goes along with what I was reminded of this month.

I recently went on a Saturday afternoon walk with a new friend. The path was one I had been to before, a few times, by myself, and with family. The walk is along a nearby river. It’s an environment that I’m fond of. The sound of rushing water, birds chirping, and the fullness and height of the trees is picturesque.

Now, I’m sure there are way better views around. I myself have seen some incredible views, but the closeness of this simplistic nature walk is renewing after a long work week. Sometimes that’s all my soul needs to press on and be reminded of God’s sweet love and creative design.

So the path is a little longer than 2 miles, one way. Really not that long. The times I had gone, I never went to the end. My typical routine was to go to the 1 mile marker and head back. Usually because I didn’t have the time or was worn out from running and walking that the thought of having to do the same distance back was enough to turn me around.

We weren’t in too much of a hurry this time, so without much thought and being distracted by just walking together and conversation, we got to the end.

We stepped down off the path, to the water’s edge, and around the corner of a bridge post to see the panorama view. My friend had seen it before but we still took some moments to just stand and take it in.

I jumped some rocks to get down to touch the water. I sat on a rock for a minute or two to just be. Then words came out of my mouth, “Man, I should’ve come all the way sooner.” My friend said, “I guess you just needed that extra push.”

This experience has me thinking in two different directions…
One, what is it that is really holding me back? Why do I stop myself so short of the end and miss the joy of the view that comes with going all in, all the way. What other areas of my life is this most present?

The other direction is future…
There are several things in my life that I have vision for…longing to see and experience. I at times anxiously await these things. I’ve already had some times where I have waited and waited, worked and worked to get to the end. The relief of accomplishment, taking risks, pushing through, has brought great growth, wisdom, and joy.

Like this experience, I knew the path had an end. Although, I didn’t really know of the peaceful view that was at the end. Not knowing hindered motivation to get there. If I knew, would I have gone sooner? Spiritually, I know the promises that come to the faithful. Do I believe? Why is it not enough at times?

No matter what, the waiting and anticipation, desire to go the whole way is there…planted in me.

What a comfort though, to have a friend by my side to go all the way with, experience it together…have the extra push. Whether or not this “extra push” needs developing in my life, it’s such a gift to find it, discover that it’s there, and know that I can get to the end.

Some things are certainly worth the wait, and much waiting is required. I will press on.
I do need encouragement and companionship.
Friendship is a gift... two are better than one.
We need each other and need the courage to go all in, finish till the end.
The view at the end brings awe and rest...things I think we all long for.

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